Gottfried Silbermann | Hofkirche . Dresden [Germany]

GSilb_Dre_Hofkirche_Timo Sack_CC BY-SA 2.5_crop

Photography by Timo Sack
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The Dresden Hofkirche organ is the last instrument built by Gottfried Silbermann and its construction lasted between 1750 and 1755, immediately after the cathedral construction. The cathedral was built between 1738 and 1751 according to the plans of the italian architect Gaetano Chiaveri. After Silbermann’s death, in 1753, the organ was finished by Zacharias Hildebrandt and Johann Gottfried Hildebrandt. It comprises 47 stops divided along 4 sections (Brüstwerk, Hauptwerk, Öberwerk and Pedal).


1750-1755 – organ construction
1861-1884 – repairs and tuning change (from A=415Hz to A=425Hz), with pipes cut to adjust the organ pitch
1937-1938 – wind supply modification, extension of manual and pedal compass and tuning change (A=440Hz)
1944 – pipes and mechanisms stored in the cloister of the St. Marienstern monastery in order to save it from destruction due to the WWII (the case and bellows couldn’t be moved as they were firmly attached to the cathedral walls)
1945 – cathedral destruction, along with the organ case and wind supply system
1963-1971 – organ rebuilding according to photographs
2001-2002 – restoration and modifications to approach even more the organ to its original state


Brüstwerk Hauptwerk Öberwerk Pedal
Gedackt 8′ Principal 16′ Qvintadehn 16′ Untersatz 32′
Principal 4′ Bordun 16′ Principal 8′ Principal Bass 16′
Rohrflöt 4′ Principal 8′ Gedackt 8′ Octavbass 8′
Nassat 3′ Violdigamba 8′ Qvintadehn 8′ Octavbass 4′
Octava 2′ Rohrflöt 8′ Undamaris 8′ [from g] Pedal Mixtur VI
Qvinta 1 1/2′ Octava 4′ Octava 4′ Posaunenbass 16′
Sufflöt 1′ Spitzflöt 4′ Rohrflöt 4′ Trompeten Bass 8′
Sesqvialtera 4/5’ [1 3/5’ from c’] Qvinta 3′ Nassat 3′ Clarin Bass 4′
Mixtur III Octava 2′ Octava 2′
Chalumeaux 8’ [from g] Tertia 1 3/5’ Tertia 1 3/5’
Cornett V [from c’] Flaschflöt 1′
Mixtur IV Echo [Cornet V, from c’]
Zimbeln III Mixtur IV
Fagott 16′ Vox humana 8′
Trompet 8′

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