Michael Engler | Kościół Wniebowzięcia . Krzeszow [Poland]

MiEng Krz_Fotonews_CC BY-SA 3.0 PL_crop

Photography by “Fotonews”
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The organ is located in the Kościół Wniebowzięcia (Church of the Assumption) in Krzeszow and was built by Michael Engler in 1732. Engler was one of the more important and most successful organbuilders from Silesia having received commissions for several large organs, of which just few remain.

The 50 stops are distributed across 3 manuals and pedalboard and the instrument presents some distinguishing particularities in terms of its relationship with chamber music. The Rückpositiv keyboard can be transposed one tone below to Kammerton (the organ is tuned in Chorton, in this case at 448Hz) and four pedal stops can be activated also to sound in Kammerton. This organ section is distributed between two small cases, instead of just one as it happens with most Rückpositiv. The Öberwerk is located in the center and Hauptwerk is distributed in both sides, composing almost two separated cases.

The case was sculpted by Anton Dorasil, possibly according to the design from his master Ferdinand Maximilian Brockoff. On the façade there are 311 pipes distributed in 26 different zones, from which 68 pipes are non-speaking.


1732-1737 – organ construction
1873-1874 – partial rebuilding by Schlag & Söhne (traction system and small changes in stoplist and voicing)
2006-2008 – restoration to the 18th century original state by Jehmlich Orgelbau


Rückpositiv Hauptwerk Öberwerk Pedal
Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Principal 16′
Flaut amabile 8′ Burdon Flaut 16′ Rohrflaut 8′ Major Bass 32′
Flaut allemande 8′ Quintadena 16′ Salicet 8′ Violon Bass 16′
Quintadena 8′ Viola di Gamba 16′ Octava 4′ Sub Bass 16′
Octava 4′ Flaut major 8′ Flaut minor 4′ Salicet Bass 16′
Quinta 3′ Gemshorn 8′ Quinta 3′ Quintaden Bass 16′
Superoctava 2′ Flaut traveur 8′ Superoctava 2′ Octav Bass 8′
Sedecima 1′ Octava 4′ Quinta 1 1/2′ Flaut Bass 8′
Mixtura (III ranks) Nachthorn 4′ Sedecima 1′ Gemshorn Quinta 6′
Gemshorn Quinta 3′ Mixtura (IV ranks) Super Octava 4′
Superoctava 2′ Trompet 8′ Mixtura (VI ranks)
Mixtura (VI ranks) Vox humana 8′ Posaunen Bass 32′
Cimbel (II ranks) Posaunen Bass 16′
Unda maris 8′ Trompet Bass 8′

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