Pedro Echevarría | Catedral . Salamanca [Spain]

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Photography by Jim Anzalone
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The Gospel side organ was built by Pedro Echevarría (1724-1771), son of Pedro Liborna Echevarría and “Organero del Rey” (King’s Organbuilder). The instrument measures 15 meters high, 8 meters wide and 3 meters deep and is located in the central choir, under an arch and in front of a renaissance organ.

The organ is played from two manuals with 49 notes and one small pedalboard of 8 notes (from C to Bb) with registers placed between two facades, one for each side of the arch.

The lower part of the case contains the Cadereta organ, with all stops controlled by an echo box, original from 1744. Between this lower part and the Órgano Mayor section (above) are the “en llamada” reeds (“lengüetería”). Each of the Órgano Mayor façades is composed of 14 different pipe fields, from which 7 on each side are non-speaking. The upper part of the case was merely built for decorative purposes, to adapt the instrument façade to the arch shape.

Most of pipes are made of metal, with the exception of some of the big 16’ registers pipes and some of the 8’ stopped registers. The bellows are housed behind the choir stalls, below the organ.


1742-1744 – organ construction
1890 – changes in voicing by Otorel
1892 – changes in bellows and keyboards by Otorel
1973 – partial restoration
2004-2007 – complete restoration by Joaquín Lois


Órgano mayor
(left hand)
Órgano mayor
(right hand)
(left hand)
(right hand)
Flautado de 26 Flautado de 26 Flautado de 13 Flautado de 13 Contras de 26
Flautado de 13 1ª Flautado de 13 1ª Tapadillo Tapadillo Contras de 13
Flautado de 13 2ª Flautado de 13 2ª Nasarte en 12ª Nasarte en 12ª
Octava Octava Nasarte en 15ª Nasarte en 15ª
Docena Docena Nasarte en 17ª Nasarte en 17ª y 19ª
Quincena Quincena Nasarte en 19ª Leno
Lleno IV Lleno IV Leno Címbala
Címbala IV Címbala IV Címbala Corneta V
Sobrecímbala III Sobrecímbala III Trompeta Real Trompeta Real
Violón de 13 Violón de 13 Bajoncillo Trompeta Magna
Tapadillo Tapadillo Obue
Nasarte en 12ª Nasarte en 12ª
Nasarte en 15ª Nasarte en 15ª
Nasarte en 17ª Nasarte en 17ª
Nasarte en 19ª Nasarte en 19ª
Trompeta real Corneta 7H
Lengüetería de Fachada Trompeta Real
Trompeta de Batalla Lengüetería de Fachada
Clarín Trompeta de Batalla
Bajoncillo Clarín 1ª
Dulzaina Clarín 2ª
Trompeta Magna

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