Johann Joshua Mosengel | Kościół OO. Jezuitów . Święta Lipka [Poland]

JMose Swi_Ludwig Schneider_CC BY-SA 3.0 crop

Photography by Ludwig Schneider
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The Święta Lipka organ was built from 1719 to 1721 by Johann Mosengel, working as royal organbuilder.

The original stops and mechanical action were replaced by romantic stops and pneumatic action in 1905 by Bruno Goebel, in one of the few interventions made to the instrument. Originally built with 3 manuals and pedal, it is currently controlled from just two manuals and pedal, with air supplied by wedge bellows.

The organ presents a smaller positive case, with two angels playing trumpet, and a main case decorated with interlaced acanthus leaves. On the top are Virgin Mary on the left tower and the Archangel Gabriel on the right tower which, together with the Holy Spirit dove, refer to the Annunciation scene. The central figure plays lute and little angels with bells decorate the smaller central towers and the extremities. On the three main towers are also located the moving parts, consisting of bells and rotating starts of the Zimbelstern type.


1719-1721 – organ construction
1905 – organ changes by Bruno Goebel


Główny Szafa Ekspresyjne Pedał
Gross-Gedeckt 16′ Bordun 16′ Salicet 16′
Rohrflöte 8′ Gedackt 8′ Subbas 16′
Flaute harmon. 8′ Flauto dulce 8′ Violon 16′
Salicional 8′ Aeoline 8′ Principal 16′
Gemshorn 8′ Unda-maris 8′ Nasard 10 2/3′
Schalmey 8′ Quintadena 8′ Octave 8′
Principal 8′ Viola di Gamba 8′ Cello 8′
Flote 4′ Principal amabile 8′ Super-Octave 4′
Octave 4′ Flauto amabile 8′ Posaune 16′
Piccolo 2′ Prestant 4′
Rausch-Quinte 2 2/3′ Progressiv IV
Mixtur III-IV Oboe 8′
Cornett IV
Fagotto 16′
Trompete 8′
Hautbois 8′
Trompete 8′

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