Stanisław Studziński | Bazylice OO. Bernardynów . Leżajsk [Poland]

StaSt Lez Ferdziu_CC BY-SA 3.0 PL_crop

Photography by Ferdziu
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The Leżajsk organ construction was started in 1680 by Stanisław Studziński, organbuilder from Przeworska and was continued until 1693, the year of completion, by Jan Głowiński.

The instrument is in fact three separate instruments, one in each lateral aisle and one in the main nave, which can be played separately. The main organ is 15 meter high and 7,5 meter wide and has mechanical action. The organ ensemble accounts for 75 registers in total, having also effect stops, including cuckoo, birds and drums.

The instruments decoration was done by the Bernardine fathers and there is a clear union between the organ and the church decoration, besides a great ornamentation in the organ top, extremely decorated with small angels, some of them with musical instruments. Two smaller cases from the main organ surround the central case in a symmetrical way. Almost all pipe towers are round, with the exception of the central one and the separate ones in the lateral walls. The instrument is crowned with a clock and an eagle, and the bottom part contains human figures sustaining the organ as atlantes.


1680-1693 – organ construction by Stanisław Studziński
1903-1905 – organ changes to romantic taste by Alexander Zebrowski
1965-1968 – organ restoration to baroque taste by Robert Polcyn
2000-2003 – organ restoration to the original state by Manufacture Provençale d’Orgues


Organy główne

I Manuał II Manuał III Manuał Pedał
Pryncypał 16′ Pryncypał 8′ Bourdon 8′ Subcontrabas 32′
Praestant 8′ Salicet 8′ Quintadena 8′ Pryncypałbas 16′
Flet major 8′ Flet bambusowy 8′ Gemshorn 4′ Violonbas 16′
Gemshorn 8′ Octava 4′ Pryncypał 2′ Subbas 16′
Octava 4′ Flet bambusowy 4′ Quinta 1 1/3′ Pryncypał 8′
Flet minor 4′ Flauto 2′ Acuta III-V Fletbas 8′
Quinta 2 2/3′ Sesquialtera II Vox humana 8′ Pryncypał 4′
Superoctava 2′ Mixtura IV Mixturbas IV
Octavin 1′ Dulcian 8′ Bombardon 16′
Cornet III-IV Trompet 8′
Mixtura major V-VI
Mixtura minor III-IV
Cymbel VII-X
Trompet 8′


Organy południowe

I Manuał II Manuał Pedał
Pryncypał 8′ Flet major 8′ Subbas 16′
Rurflet 8′ Kwintadena 8′ Pryncypałbas 8′
Oktawa 8′ Dulcjan 8′ Bourdonbas 8′
Flet leśny 2′ Pryncypał 4′ Octawa włoska 4′
Mixtura IV-VI Flet minor 4′ Fagot 8′
Trompet 8′ Sesquialtera 2′
Oktawa 2′
Kwintflet 1 1/3
Acuta III-V 1′
Terccymbel III


Organy północne

I Manuał Pedał
Flet major 8′ Subbas 16′
Salicjonał 8′ Pryncypał 8′
Pryncypał 4′ Róg nocny 4
Flet minor 4′
Kwinta 2 1/3
Oktawa 2′
Róg nocny 2′
Tercja 1 3/5
Flautino 1′
Mixtura III-IV

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