Hermann Kröger | Stadtkirche Sankt Marien . Celle [Deutschland]


Photography by Hajotthu
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The Celle organ was financed by Duke Christian Ludwig and was built in 1653 by Hermann Kröger and Berendt Hus (one of his apprentices at that time). The organ case was built by Ahrend Schultze and Andreas Gröber. In 1685 an extension is made, with the addition of a Brustwerk by Martin Vater, and the organ is gilt (including probably the façade pipes painting) by Peter Christian Limmer until 1687.

In 1834 the windchests are substituted by Wilhelm Meyer and in 1912 a new organ is built inside the 17th century case by Furtwängler & Hammer. In 1969 another new organ by Kleuker replaces the romantic Furtwängler instrument.

Due to the deteriorated state of the Kleuker instrument, already in 1997, it is decided to build a new instrument, instead of repairing the existing one. This new organ is built by Rowan West following as close as possible the original specification of 1687 and adding Hinterwerk as a supplementary section.

Currently it has 3 manuals and pedal, with Hinterwerk and Brustwerk being both controlled by the third manual. Four wedge bellows supply air to the instrument, allowing the use of an electrical blower or human power.


1653 – organ construction by Hermann Kröger and Berendt Hus
1685-1687 – organ extension
1834-1935 – organ changes by Wilhelm Meyer
1912 – new organ by Furtwängler & Hammer
1969 – new organ by Kleuker
1997-1999 – organ reconstruction by Rowan West according to 1687 specifications


Rückpositiv Öberwerk Hinterwerk Brustwerk Pedal
Principal 4’ Principal 8’ Principal 8’ Gedact 8’ Principal 16’
Quintadena 8’ Quintadena 16 Traversflöte 8’ Blockflöte 4’ Subbaß 16’
Gedackt 8’ Gemshorn 8’ Viola da Gamba 8’ Oktava 2’ Octava 8’
Rohrflöte 4` Rohfflöte 8’ Octava 4’ Tertia 13/5 Gedecktbaß 8’
Octava 2’ Octava 4’ Gedeckflöte 4’ Quintflöte 11/2 Octava 4’
Waldflöte 2’ Coppelflöte 4’ Nasat 3’ Trechterregal 8’ Mixtur VI
Sesquialtera II Quinta 3’ Querflöte 2’ Schalmey 4’ Posaune 16’
Scharff IV Superoctava 2’ Tertia 13/5’ Trumeten 8’
Dulcian 16 Mixtur V-VI Trumeten 16‚ Trumeten 4’
Krummhorn 8’ Trumeten 8’ Hobo 8’ Cornet 2’
Vox humana 8 Mixtur IV

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