Jacob Hör | Pfarrkirche St. Katharina . Wolfegg [Deutschland]

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Photography by Andreas Praefcke
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The Wolfegg organ was built in 1736 by Jacob Hör and was kept almost original until the intervention by Reiser, in the 30’s.

It is from 1932 to 1933 that an intervention by Reiser changes the organ, adding pneumatic traction, a swell box and register changes to a more romantic taste – in fact, just 9 complete stops survived from the original registers, along with some partially preserved ranks.

In 2008 a complete reconstruction of the organ is inaugurated, made by Hermann Weber according to the original Hör organ specification. Pneumatic action was also removed to allow the use of original mechanical action. Currently the instrument has 30 stops.


1736 – organ construction by Jacob Hör
1932-1933 – organ reconstruction by Reiser
2008 – organ reconstruction by Hermann Weber


Oberwerk Hauptwerk Echowerk Pedal
Coppel 8’ Principal 8’ Coppel douce 8’ Principalbass 16’
Principal 4’ Viola 8’ Quintatön 8’ Subbass 16’
Rohrflöte 4’ Coppel 8’ Traversflöte 4’ Octavbass 8’
Flaut 4’ Viola da Gamba 8’ Cornet III Tromba 16’
Octav 2’ Salicional 8’ Vox humana 8’
Quint 1 1/3’ Octav 4’
Mixtur III Spitzflöte 4’
Quint 3’
Superoctav 2’
Mixtur III
Cimbel III

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