Johann Georg Rohrer | Jesuitenkirche . Mannheim [Germany]

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Photography by Hubert Berberich
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The Mannheim organ was built from 1752 to 1755 by Johann Georg Rohrer. Its case is a work of the court sculptor Paul Egell and his son, Augustin Egell, and of carpenters Dreher Ridinger and Adam Graff. Originally the instrument had two manuals and pedal but underwent several changes along the 18th and 19th century, being rebuilt in 1893 by Heinrich Voit.

Before the war the organ was disassembled and moved into a nearby church about 60 km away, in Neckarelz. The case was kept in the Jesuitenkirche, protected inside a shatterproof box, and suffered little damage even after the collapse of the bell towers and the church vault. In 1952 the organ was repaired by Carl Hess, providing a temporary solution with 18 stops. However, a complete restoration of the organ was needed and in 1965 Johannes Klais finished the construction of a new organ to place inside the historical case. In 2004 the organ was revised by Gerhard Lenter in order to acoustically adjust and optimize the instrument.


1752-55 – organ construction
1893 – organ reconstruction by Heinrich Voit
1952 – small repairs after war by Carl Hess
1965 – reconstruction by Johannes Klais
2004 – organ changes for acoustic optimization by Gerhard Lenter


Positiv Hauptwerk Echowerk Schwellwerk Pedal
Prinzipal 8′ Prinzipal 16′ Holzgedackt 8′ Pommer 16′ Untersatz 32′
Rohrgedackt 8′ Prinzipal 8′ Quintade 8′ Holzflöte 8′ Prinzipalbass 16′
Oktav 4′ Gemshorn 8′ Prinzipal 4′ Geigenprinzipal 8′ Subbass 16′
Blockflöte 4′ Gamba 8′ Rohrflöte 4′ Gamba 8’ Zartbass 16′
Waldflöte 2′ Oktav 4′ Nasard 2 2/3′ Vox coelestis 8′ Quinte 10 2/3′
Larigot 1 1/3 Hohlflöte 4′ Oktav 2′ Oktav 4′ Holzoktav 8′
Cornett V Quinte 2 2/3′ Terz 1 3/5′ Holztraverse 4′ Bartpfeife 8′
Scharff III-IV Superoktav 2′ Sifflet 1′ Querflöte 2′ Choralflöte 4′
Dulcian 16′ Mixtur IV Acuta IV Septsesquialter II-III Großsesquialter II
Krummhorn 8′ Trompete 16′ Vox humana 8′ Mixtur V Hintersatz IV
Trompete 8′ Oboe 8′ Fagott 16′ Posaune 16′
Trompete harm.8′ Trompete 8′
Clairon 4′ Clarine 4′
Cornett 2′

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