Christian Müller | Grote of Jacobijnerkerk . Leeuwarden [Netherlands]

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Photography by Paul van Galen and Kris Roderburg
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The Leeuwarden organ was built by Christian Müller from 1724 to 1727. This instrument was Müller’s first organ of large dimensions, with three keyboards and pedal. The contract included also the repair and transport of the old organ to the Westerkerk. The whole work totaled a value of 9000 guilders. To build the new instrument it was necessary to close the West window with brick and an expansion was also required to house the bellows chamber.

From 1821 to 1944 the organ was substantially changed, including an intervention by Van Dam, and from 1972 to 1977 the organ was restored to the original state by Bakker & Timmenga, including the case color returned to the original Venetian red. In 2002 the organ suffers a small intervention including cleanup, some repairs and tuning.

The case was built by Berend Storm and Claes Bockes Balck, with figures on top of the case representing Faith, Hope and Love. Those figures were built by Gerbrandus van der Haven and the Rugwerk ones were made by Jacob Bruinsma.


1724-1727 – organ construction
1972-1977 – organ restoration by Bakker & Timmenga
2002 – organ repairs


Hoofdwerk Rugwerk Bovenwerk Pedaal
Prestant 16′ II Prestant 8′ II Baarpijp 8′ Prestant 16′
Octaaf 8′ II Holpijp 8′ Quintadeen 8′ Bourdon 16′
Roerfluit 8′ Octaaf 4′ Viola de Gamba 8′ Octaaf 8′
Octaaf 4′ Octaaf 2′ Octaaf 4′ Octaaf 4′
Quint 3′ Cornet disc. VI Gemshoorn 4′ Quint 3′
Superoctaaf 2′ Mixtuur IV-VIII Nasard 3′ Mixtuur III
Mixtuur IV–VIII Sexquialter II Nachthoorn 2′ Bazuin 16′
Scherp IV–VI Trompet 8′ Cimbaal III Trompet 8′
Trompet 16′ Sexquialter II-IV Trompet 4′
Trompet 8′ Dulciaan 8′
Vox Humana 8′

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