Arp Schnitger | Jacobikirche . Hamburg [Germany]

Photography by “Bramstercate”
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The Jacobikirche organ was built from 1689 to 1693 by Arp Schnitger, using 25 registers from the previous organ by Gottfried Fritsche (which in turn used also registers from an older instrument by Scherer). Its cost at the epoch was of 29108 marks. The case figures were sculpted by Christian Precht.

From 1760 to 1761 new registers were added by Johann Jacob Lehnert – a Viola da Gamba to Hauptwerk and a Trompet to the Rückpositif – and in 1890 a new pneumatic windchest was installed by Marcussen, containing an additional 8 stops.

In 1942, after the beginning of World War II, pipework and small parts were stored in a bunker to safeguard as much as possible of the instrument. Unfortunately the case had to be kept in the church and was destroyed in 1944, along with a major part of the church. After the end of the war, the organ was temporarily reassembled on the South nave of the church and later was rebuilt in its original place, on the West wall. In 1961 the reconstructed organ was inaugurated, with a total of about 80% of pipes belonging to the Schnitger organ or to the older instruments.

This reconstruction posed, however, several problems to the organ, including problems in the wind system and pipework due to alterations to the original configuration. A new and extensive repair work was carried from 1989 to 1993 by Jürgen Ahrend, returning the organ as close as possible to the 1693 Schnitger state.


1689-1693 – organ construction
1760-1761 – organ changes by Johann Jacob Lehnert
1774-1775 – organ repairs by Johann Paul Geycke
1890 – new pneumatic windchest by Marcussen
1917 – removal of front pipes during World War I
1928-1930 – new organ pipes by Karl Kemper
1961 – inauguration of the reconstructed organ after the war
1989-1993 – organ reconstruction by Jürgen Ahrend


Rückpositiv Hauptwerk Oberwerk Brustwerk Pedal
Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Principal 8′ Principal 32′
Gedackt 8′ Gedackt 8′ Rohrflöht 8′ Octav 4′ Octava 16′
Quintadehna 8′ Quintadehna 8′ Holzflöht 8′ Hollflöht 4′ Subbaß 16′
Octava 4′ Octava 4′ Octava 4′ Waldtflöht 2′ Octava 8′
Blockflöht 4′ Blockflöht 4′ Spitzflöht 4′ Sexquialtera II Octava 4′
Querpfeiff 4′ Querpfeiff 4′ Nasat 3′ Scharff IV-VI Nachthorn 2′
Octava 2′ Octava 2′ Octava 2′ Dulcian 8′ Rauschpfeiff III
Sexquialtera II Sexquialtera II Gemshorn 2′ Trechter Regal 8′ Mixtur VI-VIII
Scharff VI-VIII Scharff VI-VIII Scharff IV-VI Posaune 32′
Siffloit 11/2′ Siffloit 11/2′ Cimbel III Posaune 16′
Dulcian 16′ Dulcian 16′ Trommet 8′ Dulcian 16′
Bahrpfeiffe 8′ Bahrpfeiffe 8′ Vox humana 8′ Trommet 8′
Trommet 8′ Trommet 8′ Trommet 4′ Trommet 4′
Cornet 2′

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