Johannes Weinmar | Amanduskirche . Freiberg am Neckar [Germany]

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Photography by “Mussklprozz”
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The Amanduskirche organ was built from 1764 to 1766 by Johannes Weinmar.

On the 19th century, in 1898, the organ is changed in some aspects, mainly in the stoplist, with changes according to the taste of the epoch, and in the placement. Initially the organ was placed in a special gallery but in 1898 it was moved to the back of the altar.

Later, in 1981, the organ is restored by Peter Plum, trying to recover the original baroque sound.

Currently the organ has 21 stops distributed across Hauptwerk, Positiv and Pedal. The case is decorated with two musician angels and was gilt and painted by Johann Georg Benßler, painter at the ducal porcelain factory of Ludwigsburg.

1764-1766 – organ construction
1898 – organ changes
1981 – organ restoration by Peter Plum

Hauptwerk Positiv Pedal
Prinzipal 8’ Gedeckt 8′ Prinzipalbaß 16′
Gambe 8’ Quintade 8′ Subbaß 16′
Großgedeckt 8’ Prinzipal 4′ Oktavbaß 8′
Oktave 4′ Rohrflöte 4′ Gemshorn 8′
Kleingedeckt 4′ Sesquialter 2 2/3′ + 1 3/5′ Choralbaß 4′
Waldflöte 2′ Oktave 2′ Posaune 8′
Mixtur V Quinte 1 1/3′
Scharf IV

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