Antoni [of Głogów] and Klemens Łopiński | Kościół św. Anny . Warszawa [Poland]

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Photography by João Valério
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The Kościół św. Anny organ was built in 1667, probably by the two Bernardine friars Antoni [of Głogów] and Klemens Łopiński. The organ was changed and expanded in 1706 and 1753, and in 1852 the instrument suffered additional changes by Mielczarski.

In 1900 the organ is modernized, according to the technologies available at that time, by Karol and Albert Spiegel. Later, in 1949 the organ is changed by Stanislas Jasiewicz.

In 1992 the organ is rebuilt by Pflüger.

According to what Polskie Wirtualne Centrum Organowe propose in an article about the organ of Kościół Wniebowzięcia in Warta (an organ really similar, also built by Bernardine friars), it is possible that the case was originally just composed by the central section and two separated side towers, as happens in several organs in this region of Europe, having been joined later in one of the interventions. This can be seen for example in the decoration, which has slight differences.


1667 – organ construction
1706 – organ expansion
1753 – organ expansion
1852 – organ changes by Mielczarski
1900 – organ changes by Karol and Albert Spiegel
1949 – organ changes by Stanislas Jasiewicz
1992 – organ reconstruction by Pflüger

Manuał I Manuał II Pedał
Gedeckt 16′ Gemshorn 8′ Principalbass 16′
Principal 8′ Holzgedeckt 8′ Subbas 16′
Spitzflöte 8′ Principal 4′ Octavbass 8′
Voce umana 8′ Rohrflöte 4′ Gedecktbass 8′
Gamba 8′ Vorabzug 2 2/3′ Choralbass 4′
Octav 4′ Principal 2′ Mixtur 2 2/3′
Flote 4′ Blockflöte 2′ Posaune 16′
Quint 2 2/3′ Quint 1 1/3′ Trompete 8′
Superoctav 2′ Scharff 1′
Mixtur 1 1/3′ Sesquialter II
Cornett V Krumhorn 8′
Trompete 8′

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