Janez Francisek Janacek | Stolnica sv. Nikolaja . Ljubljana [Slovenia]

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Photography by João Valério
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The Ljubljana cathedral organ was built in 1733 by Janez Francisek Janacek, distributed across two cases with a total of 22 registers. In 1762 the organ was rebuilt by Franz Xavier Chrismann in Italian style and from 1780 to 1781 the organ was again rebuilt by Janez Jurij Eisl with 24 registers.

In the 19th century – in 1860 – the organ was expanded in ten registers by Andrej Ferdinand Malahovsky but was later rebuilt, from 1911 to 1912, by Ivan Milavec with a total of 52 registers distributed by three manuals and pedal.

The instrument is composed of three separated cases built in two different styles. The lateral cases just have one pipe field covered by gilt wood shaped like a set of curtains held by angels, with a convex plan and salient center. The central case, in turn, has a flat plan similar to the Austrian and Italian styles and is divided into several pipe fields arranged alongside a central axis of composition. This case has pipe shades carved with vegetal patterns and a set of musician angels of large dimensions, while putti are smaller than the ones placed in the lateral cases. The stylistic and decorative differences described above may indicate a different construction epoch with distinct artistic influences.


1733 – organ construction
1762 – organ reconstruction by Franz Xavier Chrismann
1780-1781 – organ reconstruction by Janez Jurij Eisl
1860 – organ expansion by Andrej Ferdinand Malahovsky
1911-1912 – organ reconstruction by Ivan Milavec


Manual I Manual II Manual III Pedal
Principal 16′ Burdon 16′ Violinski Principal 8′ Kontraviolon 32′
Burdon 16′ Flavtni Principal 8′ Burdoncek 8′ Principalbas 16′
Principal 8′ Salicional 8′ Flauto Amabile 8′ Violon 16′
Rog 8′ Dolce 8′ Eolina 8′ Subbas 16′
Gamba 8′ Cevna Flavta 8′ Vox Coelestis 8′ Salicet 16′
Burdon 8′ Dunajska Flavta 8′ Dolce 4′ Ljubki Bas 16′
Harmonicna Flavta 8′ Praestant 4′ Flavta 4′ Oktavbas 8′
Harmonika 8′ Viola 4′ Harmonia Aetherea 2 2/3′ Cello 8′
Kvintaten 8′ Flauto Traverso 4′ Oboa 8′ Burdon 8′
Oktava 4′ Kvinta 2 2/3′ Flavta 4′
Salicet 4′ Flavtica 2′ Pozavna 16′
Cevna Flavta 4′ Terca 1 3/5′ Pozavna 8′
Kvinta 2 2/3′ Mikstura 2 2/3′
Superoktava 2′ Klarinet 8′
Kornet 8′
Mikstura 2 2/3′
Trobenta 8′

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