Johann Michael Stumm | St. Matthias . Bad Sobernheim [Germany]

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The St. Matthias organ was built in 1739 by Johann Michael Stumm.

In 1878 the organ was rebuilt by Schlaad, including a new pedal section with 25 keys and 4 registers, the replacement of wedge bellows by parallel bellows, the substitution of keyboards by new ones with a C# key in short octave and the replacement of several registers. Two decades later, in 1899, an electrical blower is added to the organ. Unfortunately during the WWI the front pipes were lost due to their requisition for weapon production.

In 1940 the organ is reconstructed by Georg Friedrich Steinmeyer, following the request of Johannes G. Mehl, with changes in disposition to undo the intervention from 1878, a new pedal section with 8 registers, a new console inspired by historic examples but with modern dimensions, reconstruction of façade pipes and displacement of pipes in windchest to move the tuning into the current diapason (this last point done against the advice of Johannes Mehl). Some decades later the organ is submitted to an intervention by Paul Ott where windchests are repaired, a new pedal section with 9 registers is built, several electric and electropneumatic additions are removed, the wind pressure is lowered and pipework is repaired and changed.

Already in the 21st century, from 2003 to 2005, Rainer Müller proceeds to an extensive renovation work, trying to recover as much as possible from the original disposition and organ. The pedal section is rebuilt with three stops, according to the original disposition, windchests, traction and console are repaired, and three wedge bellows are rebuilt.


1739 – organ construction
1878 – organ reconstruction by Schlaad
1899 – organ changes
1917 – removal of front pipes for the war
1940 – organ reconstruction by Georg Friedrich Steinmeyer & Co
1972 – organ repair by Paul Ott
2003-2005 – organ restauration by Rainer Müller


Hauptwerk Rückpositiv Pedalwerk
Getact 16′ Getact 8′ Subbass 16′
Principal 8′ Solicinal 8′ Principalbass 8′
Violdigamb 8′ Principal 4′ Posaunbass 16′
Getact 8′ Rohrflöth 4′
Octav 4′ Octav 2′
Flöth 4′ Quint 1 1/2′
Solicinal 4′ Mixtur III
Quint 3′ Cromhorn 8′
Superoctav 2′ Voxhumana 8′
Tertz 1 3/5′
Cornet IV
Mixtur IV
Trompet 8′

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