Unknown builder | Basilika Mariatrost . Graz [Austria]

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Photography by João Oliveira
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The Mariatrost organ was built in 1761 by an unknown organbuilder.

In 1928 the organ is rebuilt by Karl II Reinisch, using pneumatic transmission and totaling four manuals and pedal, including a Fernwerk in the dome controlled by the fourth manual.

More recently, in 1993, the organ is rebuilt by Pflüger in the original case with a total of 45 registers distributed across three manuals and pedal.

The case is split into two parts, flanking the window, and has a small Rückpositiv inserted into the balustrade. The pipe fields follow a continuous movement of composition and the case is decorated with several angels with musical instruments and open music books, alongside two statues of King David and Saint Cecilia, one on each case top.


1761 – organ construction
1928 – organ reconstruction by Karl II Reinisch
1993 – organ reconstruction by Pflüger


Hauptwerk Schwellwerk Rückpositiv Pedalwerk
Bourdon 16’ Holzprincipal 8’ Holzgedackt 8’ Principalbass 16’
Principal 8’ Koppelflöte 8’ Quintade 8’ Subbass 16’
Spitzflöte 8’ Unda Maris 8’ Prästant 4’ Octavbass 8’
Gamba Principal 4’ Rohrflöte 4’ Gedacktbass 8’
Bifara 8’ Hohlflöte 4’ Sesquialter II Octavbass 4’
Octav 4’ Nasard 2 2/3’ Octav 2’ Piffaro II 4’
Blockflöte 4’ Waldflöte 2’ Sifflöte Hintersatz IV
Quinte 2 2/3’ Terz 1 3/5’ Quint 1 1/3’ Posaune 16’
Octav 2’ Larigot 1 1/3’ Cymbel III Trompete 8’
Mixtur V Plein jeu IV Krummhorn 8’
Scharff IV Fagott 16’
Cornett V Trompette harmonique 8’
Trompete 8’ Oboe 8’

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