Johann Wilhelm Schöler | Klosters Altenberg . Solms [Germany]

Kloster Altenberg Kirche innen

Photography by “Franzfoto”
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The Klosters Altenberg organ was built from 1757 to 1758 by Johann Wilhelm Schöler. The instrument remained almost intact until our days, with a set of few exceptions.

In 1766 three registers were added to the Unterwerk by Friedrich Carl Stumm and in 1804 some changes were made by Bürgy when the monastery was secularized in 1802.

Oberlinger repaired the instrument in 1977 following historical preservation principles and cleaned the organ in 1987 after construction works in the church. From 2002 to 2004 the organ was repaired by Förster & Nicolaus.

The instrument is rarely used and this lack of attention is maybe one of the reasons explaining its survival with almost all original elements, including bellows and windchests. The current pedalboard, however, is not original. All pedal pipework is made from wood, while the two remaining sections have metal and wood pipes, all of them with a gentle sound. Manuals have split stops and the organ has a total of 23 registers. The original compass and sound volume are justified by the expected main use as accompaniment to the monastery liturgy.


1757-1758 – organ construction
1804 – organ changes by Bürgy
1977 – organ repairs by Oberlinger
1987 – organ cleaning by Oberlinger
2002-2004 – organ repair by Förster & Nicolaus


Unterwerk Hauptwerk Pedal
Flaut travers 8′ Bourdon grand 16′ Sub Bass 16′
Hohlpfeif 8′ Principal 8′ Principal Bass 8′
Principal 4′ Viol di Gamba 8′ Octav Bass 4′
Rohrflaut 4′ Gedackt 8′ Posaunen Bass 16′
Nazard 3′ Octav 4′
Salicional 2′ Salicional 4′
Mixtur III Quint 3′
Vox humana 8′ Superoctav 2′
Tertz 1 3/5′
Mixtur III
Trompett 8′

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